A girl on the run. A vicious gang tearing itself apart. Throw a fledgling vigilante into the mix and not everyone will get out alive.

Izzy Ferguson lives in a world run by Corporations. On the surface those ‘chosen’ to be part of a Corporation have everything, everything apart from their freedom.

When her family falls apart, she finds that a forbidden love from the other side of society is the only thing that can save her. Izzy and Damian have no choice but to escape to the only place where they can live in peace – the Haven.

Their plan unravels faster than they can imagine and they are hurled into a world of high tech drugs, gang warfare and betrayal.

Will the involvement of the vigilante known as the Steel Falcon be their saving grace or will death come between them?

Haven is a fast-paced novella in the Steel Falcon YA sci-fi superhero series.

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